BLACKBIRD by david harrower

directed by rebekah suellau
October 5-14, 2017
7 Stages Theatre

After years in prison and subsequent hardships, Ray, 56, has a new identity and has made a new life for himself, thinking that he cannot be found. Una, 27, has thought of nothing else; upon seeing a photo of Ray in a magazine, she has arrived unannounced at his office. Guilt, rage, and raw emotions run high as they recollect the passionate relationship they had fifteen years ago, when she was 12 and he was 40. Without any moral judgements, the play never shies away from the brutal truth of this abandoned and unconventional love. 


Production photos by Corryn Lytle.

"A fascinating and unnerving ninety-minute cat-and-mouse tale of revenge and sexual intrigue, with genuine theatricality and undeniable shock value." -Associated Press

"The gifted David Harrower's intense BLACKBIRD promises to be the most powerful drama of the season…masterly, mesmerizing…extraordinary…a miracle." -The New York Times

Cast & creative team